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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching approach is based on the view of language as a social practice and the belief that learning should be connected to students' lives, identities, and communities. 

My pedagogical goal is to create dialogic classroom spaces that enable creative expression along with critical reflection, discussion, and problem-solving; as an instructor, I strive to truly listen and continue to learn from all my students.

Asian Americans and Education
(undergraduate course)
Asian American Studies Department
UC Santa Barbara
Winter 2023

  ASAM 157  

Teaching Experience

Education, Culture and Development
(undergraduate course)
Department of Education
UC Santa Barbara
Summer 2022

  ED 123  

Foundations of Academic Language
(graduate course)
Teacher Education Program 
UC Santa Barbara
Summer 2018 - 2021

  ED 318  


Student Evaluations

"Sam was very knowledgeable about the subject and made the class interesting and engaging for everyone, even students like me who didn't know much about the topic. She always made real world connections to current events, and taught us the importance of understanding the material in the scope of current social changes. She also always gave us extra resources and made the information accessible, as well as always being available for questions and insight into the things we were learning as well as general engagement in our school communities. Overall, I really appreciated all the time and effort she put into making this class fun and engaging, and I'm really happy I took this class with her."

Student from ASAM 157

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