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My name is Samantha Harris but my friends and students call me Sam. I was an English language instructor but now I am a doctoral candidate studying language and literacy education at University of California Santa Barbara. My research examines the intersections of language, race, and education with a specific focus on immigrant students and families.

I am a Teaching Associate for UC Santa Barbara's Departments of Education and Asian American Studies. I've taught courses on language, race, culture, and equity in education. 

My Classroom 

This space is where I informally explore and reflect on my research and teaching experiences. I call it my "classroom" because I not only discuss education but I also unpack my continuing journey as a learner.  


When I come across something good I can't help but to share it. I'm always looking for new historical deep-dives or books that help me improve my teaching practices. I also love when fiction and non-fiction or text, images and art are blended together in innovative ways. These are some favorites.


I created this blog to share teaching experiences or other thoughts that don't make it into other writing or publication. 

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